MOGO Door Signs

An ever increasing number of Local Authority MOGO clients are providing Door Signs, particularly on Private Hire vehicles in the interests of passenger and driver security and safety.

The modular MOGO door sign system comes in many varying forms. The functionality of the Door Sign should not be confused with the licence plate. The purpose of the Door Sign as initiated by Local Authorities is to further protect the Travelling Public and the 'Taxi trade' by providing clear signage as the passenger enters the vehicle.

Some Local Authorities require a sign displaying only their logo, others specify display of the Vehicle Licence Number, while others display other vehicle or Operator details. The examples shown here are designed to demonstrate some of the variable options available within the MOGO Door Sign System.

MOGO holograms come in a number of differing forms and in the Door Sign examples pictured here the MOGO Security hologram is generally positioned separate from and well below the licence number. The purpose of displaying the hologram in this location on the door sign is to indicate that the sign has been issued by the Local Authority Licensing Department as opposed to say, a third party commercial sign making company.

Door sign application guide (Pdf)

Door sign application guide - Magnetic (Pdf)

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